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Loved ones lost [Jun. 10th, 2010|05:06 pm]
[Current Mood |sadsad]

   Today at work, they had a little ceremony where we could acknowledge our losses of either patients or loved ones, furry or human.  We would write the name of said person on a paper leaf, and it was hung on a wreath of branches.  We could also say whatever we wanted to say about the name on the leaf, or not.   Short poems were read.  It was emotional, but a nice thing to be able to do.  I put a leaf up for Steena, Isis and Donald.
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Happy Birthday [Mar. 21st, 2010|11:35 am]
to kaosqueen .  I wish  your schedule allowed us to go out and celebrate properly.  We owe you a beverage!
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Broken under the weighty peer pressure [Mar. 8th, 2010|06:49 pm]
Yes, I opened a FB account yesterday...
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late update [Dec. 9th, 2009|12:54 am]
[Current Mood |blahblah]

Late reporting indeed. The P3 Summit--Michael's parents and my 2 sets of parents meeting for the 1st time on Thanksgiving, at my Mum's house in SoCal went well. They all loved each other. The unseasonable warmth and sunshine, for the region, was also delightful. We only had 2 nights down there, which left little time for socializing with friends. We squeezed a very little bit in, as we felt it was important to be present for the parents. (Michael's parents were staying at my Mum's house)
I've felt very out of it. The high of being in Europe left quickly with Isis dying/death. I literally have a work caseload that is 2x what I should have. Spraining my ankle the 2nd time at the end of my trip hasn't helped my physical cause, and know my situational depression is not helping my healing. I've felt off in my bellydance. I hope all this passes soon. I still miss Isis a lot. Wednesday is adjusting but doing welll, and her health appears to be OK for the moment.
On a good note, we are getting out tankless waterheater installed tomorrow. I hope the artic temperatures doesn't interfer with that process. If this heater lasts 20 years, as it should, we break even with $$. Each year after that, we are saving $$ on this cash-up-front investment. I still feel good about this decision.
Off to slumberland........
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R.I.P. Isis [Nov. 11th, 2009|10:50 am]
[Current Mood |depresseddepressed]

   Yesterday, it was time to put Isis to sleep.  She had a very rough morning, and when I came home for lunch, it was obvious that she was very tired and done fighting. (she rallied over the weekend)   My Vet and her assistant were kind enough to make a house call, vs calling an unknown housecall vet, which I think was helpful to her situation.   Of course, she had to have attitude up to the end, and growled when they gave her the shot.   We buried her in our Memorial Garden (for another friend), where Isis liked to spend time, under a Japanese Maple tree.  Michael was able to leave work to support me through this hard moment.  These were not the plans  I had for his BDay.   Michael  had bought a black kitty statue to mark her grave, and her Isis' collar around it's neck.  Part of me is relieved that she is not feeling so bad, but all of me is sad and misses her horribly.  She was 16, an accomplished hunter and eater of squirrels, chaser of dogs, and very affectionate.   Thanx go out to all the friends who have called, responded with kind words and good thoughts on LJ, and on Michael's FB.   I'm not quite sure where Mz. Wednesday is on all of this yet.  I tried to have her say goodbye before and after, give her extra attention (as she got a little less when Isis declined), and not sure how this is going to effect her.  
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Belgium, and the latest bad news [Nov. 4th, 2009|03:36 pm]
[Current Mood |crushedcrushed]

   We absolutely loved Bruge.  I think it was our favorite city of all the places we went this trip, or at least it was mine.  It is thee best kept secret from Americans.  It's a smaller town, but very picturesque, quaints, and easy to get around by foot.  Our hostess at the B&B was also wonderful, gave us a good beer tip, and extremely helpful if we had questions.   Brussels has a historic square, and the infamous 'Peeing Boy' fountain, but it is a big city.    Belgian beers and chocolate, I love you and will miss you, especially those of you beers not distributed here.  I <3 Monks

 Brussels, Belgium

   Now the  bad news.  Isis ended up going to the vet, and they took blood, etc.  Her kidneys have gotten significantly worse, increased phosphate, low red blood count.  Her minor tooth problem is not why she isn't eating, and she's no longer a candiate for anesthesia at this point.  All I can do is make her comfy.  I'm trying to make good decisions for comfort and quality of life, but it's hard as she can't talk to me.  She had a seizure Mon night, which really scared me, and resulted in little sleep for me. I've been told by several, including her vet, that she will tell me 'when she's done'.   We're not quite there, but I can tell she is heading that way.   Her vet said that it would be nice if she could just curl up, fall asleep and go that way, but it doesn't always happened that way.  She talked more about symptoms to watch for, and said I was doing all I could to make her comfy.  So, for now, she's just hanging out on a heating pad in my closet.   
     My other darling, Wednesday, had a UTI when we came home.  It doesn't appear to be resolved and she had to go into the vet today for a while.  I'm feeling really tired and run over.  I officially hate all of this.  I am fortunate to have so many LJ and non LJ friends think good thoughts and give kind words, and I really appreciate it.  Michael continues to be wonderful through all of this.

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More pics, Isis update [Oct. 31st, 2009|02:14 pm]
[Current Mood |melancholymelancholy]

Ghent was a quick few hours on the train between Brussels and Bruge, to check out a few sites.  Amsterdam, sorry, no pics of the Red Light district, which PS, there is a district but it's not limited to that area, and they aren't all 'girls'.  We even saw some gals out at 10am. 



     On Thur, Isis was having blood in her urine, amongst another not pretty symptom.  Her vet was off.  I didn't want to have to drop her off at the vet all day to get a UA.  Other vet agreed to treat for a UTI and give antibiotics, but, there could be other reasons she is having this problem that is not due to infection, but due to her disease progression.  She also has some nice kitty morphine, which appears to make her comfy, and a little high.  I ended up taking her in to the vet yesterday, as her primary I think wanted to see her.  She's lost a lot of weight, which I knew, but it was difficult to see it in numbers.  Isis has a little tooth problem, but it's not the only problem.  If her lab values are the same, they can extract the tooth, but if she's not a candiate for anesthesia, they'll just leave it alone.  Being on pain meds and antibiotics is a bonus for this as well.  She's sorta doing OK for the moment, but still functioning at a much lower level.  She did manage to get up on the bed and claw my face-- which is a normal thing she hasn't done much of lately.   Michael has been super supportive and helpful.  Despite not liking cats, I think he's grown a soft spot for Isis.  (Wednesday, not so much)   I also appreciate  mrsloane , who offered to donate a kidney to Isis.  This is really hard.
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Paris Pics and Isis [Oct. 28th, 2009|04:00 pm]
[Current Mood |sadsad]

    I know this may be a duplicate for some folks, but, if you are interested, here are what made it for the Paris pictures.  Michael did all the captioning, then discovered it didn't take, and he had to re-do them all.  After that exercise, he was done for the day.  More pics from the other cities we visited to come.  It was an amazing vacation. 
    After a flight snafu, we more or less were robbed of a day, but we still saw all we wanted to.  I have no stories of Parisians being rude, even with my less than stellar pronounciation.  Also, just like in America, my feet are too small there as well.   We met up with Michael's good friend Matt who has lived there for a while, as well as his other friend from his fencing academy (also Matt) to help him celebrate his 40th BDay, in a rummery.   Sorry Notre Dame, you have the most iconic gargoyle, but the cathedral in Milan has your gargoyles way out numbered.  Versaille.... I can see where all the money went.  You see the palace, then an extra fee not on the museum pass.  The grounds are insanely big, and they rent golf carts if you want to use them.  I also saw 2 of my favorite statues at the Louvre, 'Cupid's Kiss'--not exact name, and 'Winged Victory'.   You are kept so far away from the Mona Lisa, you care barely appreciate it, but you can take flash pictures of it--?  The artworks are amazing, and so is the building itself.  Of course, good food and wine.


     Isis unfortunately lost weight whilst I was gone, and I could feel her weight loss with the 1st pet,  despite her good cat sitter.  She's acting OK, but definitely not her normal, or her normal activity level.  I don't know if she's trying to scare me again,  if she's mad I was gone, or just her kidney failure progression, or a combination of these things.  It was a guess she had 1 year to live, last year this time.  We're giving her fluids everyday now, something I thought I wouldn't do.  We're going out of town for TDay, and I'm now wishing we weren't doing this. (too late, family plans and plane tickets bought)  I've consulted with the vet, and apparently we're doing all the right things to keep her comfortable.  Wednesday also had another bladder infection when I came home.  Having geriatric cats is hard, and becoming expensive.   I'm kind of a mess right now, and being very unproductive with my day off today.  Thanx to Michael and friends for your support!

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Getting Excited! [Oct. 4th, 2009|02:46 pm]
[Current Mood |excitedexcited]

     Michael and I leave for Paris, Belgium and Amsterdam Thur Morning.  I still have a lot of little details to address, and things to do, but I'm starting to be more excited vs. bogged down by the To-Do list.   Work has been kicking my arse hard these last 2 weeks.  I worked a full day yesterday, and in  2 more days of work, those headaches will be someone else's problem.
     I am however sad to discover that the Paris Catacombs are now closed indefinitely due to vandalism.   I thinks it's horribly disrespectful to scatter bones that are hundreds of years old, and vandalize such a fabulous historic site.  I hope that karma gets those vandals!   I was probably more excited to see the catacombs than the Eifle Tower.  Oh well, I suspect fun will be had just the same.
     We'll be out for Lucifer's Lounge tomorrow night, and hope to see friends before we go.     If not, we'll see you in ~2.5 weeks!
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Kits are doing well [Sep. 17th, 2009|10:21 pm]
[Current Mood |relievedrelieved]

     Thanx to all of your kind words reguarding Isis/my last post.  She seems to be eating more now, and today she ate without the anti nausea pill.  (let's face it, giving cats a pill is no fun for anyone involved!)   Isis is still skinny, which is hard to see as she has historically been a 'not-thin' cat.    

My other cat, Wednesday,  had been on antibiotics for a bladder infection, and went in for a recheck this week.  We are still waiting for the culture & sensitivity test to come back, but the UA is clear.  

Michael and I are going on a trip to Paris, Belgium, Amsterdam in less than a month.  Having the girls in good health whilst I go away is important.
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